From The Secretly Canadian Department of Pre-Orders:

Tig Notaro’s Good One is up for pre-order NOW. A few things you should know that we’re stoked on….

  1. All pre-orders come with a download code for the entire album starting July 19th.
  2. All CDs come with the Have Tig At Your Party DVD. (more on that upon clicking through)
  3. Anyone who pre-orders can LITERALLY have Tig at their party! (click on through to find out how)

When pre-ordering your copy of Tig’s Good One on CD or LP, you’re automatically entered to win a chance to have Tig perform at your house! We’ll draw a random name on August 9th and the winner* will be notified then.

If you’re not lucky enough to win – fret not my friend – as the Have Tig At Your Party DVD is just as good!

Ever wondered what it would be like to actually have Tig Notaro at your party? Well, exciting news, because you need not wonder any longer. With the “Have Tig at Your Party” DVD, you now have the incredible opportunity to experience exactly what it would be like with this human equivalent of the “burning log” DVD! Pop this DVD in, and in seconds, Tig will appear on your TV screen acting as if she was an invited guest at your party.

This DVD includes a special infomercial with never before seen footage that features Sarah Silverman, Zack Galifianakis, Nick Swardson and other comedian friends of Tig. Enjoy a party with one of the most dynamic and unique voices in comedy, along with unseen footage including the biggest and smallest names in comedy today! Experience the silliness of Tig Notaro and enjoy watching the amazing response from invited guests at the next party you throw.

*Contest restricted to continental United States.

*If you have been remanded to either a penitentiary or a mental health facility for a custodial sentence up to or exdeeding 30 days, please provide us with full disclosure.

*Tig Notaro reserves the right to cancel any performance should the situation be deemed unsafe.