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Windsor For The Derby

Minnie Greutzfeldt

Veering from their debut, Minnie Greutzfeldt - the band's sophomore album - is a study in nothingness. Also engineered by Adam Wiltzie - Minnie came on the heels of a Kramer induced world of rolling bass lines and oceanic reverb. The record is paired with the long lost Metropolitan Then Poland EP, a collection of home experiments with synths, scissors and drum machines.

Originally released on the legendary Austin label Trance Syndicate.

(SC143 released: 08/22/06)


  1. Fat Angel
  2. Skinny Ghost
  3. Stasis
  4. Bass Trap
  5. No Techno /w Drums
  6. When I See Scissors
  7. Useless Arm
  8. Skimming
  9. Exposite
  10. Moving Florida
  11. Slow Death
  12. Slow Death
  13. The Electric Co.