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AUNDREY GUILLAUME, the California rapper/producer, introspective and emotionally intense music comes from straight from the heart. But these aren’t cautionary tales from a world-weary messenger—they’re reassurances that better days always lie ahead.

The youngest of nine children, AUNDREY’s family shuffled around California’s Inland Empire before settling in Beaumont when he was 8. They frequently went to church, where all of his siblings either played instruments or sang. When he was 10, his father threw him on the drums and he fell in love with music. Those early years performing at church both steeled AUNDREY against criticism and turned him into a perfectionist.

His debut EP, VIOLET, is a glimpse into the long-winded journey that’s led AUNDREY to where he is today. VIOLET was part of his “healing process,” as he believes that in order to get to a better place mentally one has to be open and honest about their experiences. AUNDREY’s spent the last four years healing, but he’s ready to tear those bandages off and lay it all out there, his every raw emotion, and let people decide from there.


Aundrey Guillaume News

May 06, 2022


Listen to focus track "COMBO"

Apr 05, 2022

AUNDREY GUILLAUME. releases new single “REFUND”

Sophomore EP "ENEGY

Nov 05, 2021


Out Today via Secretly Canadian

Oct 07, 2021

Aundrey Guillaume Signs With Secretly Canadian

+ Shares New Single

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