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Let me tell you a story about a boy with raven hair and a crooked smile.

This boy grew up moving from state to state, watching the hills grow flat from a backseat window and the brush become evergreens in the headlights of their rented truck.

All those goodbyes can break a boy’s heart, at least that’s what I’m told, but they can also shake loose parts you don’t expect, like eyes that see things others have trouble putting their fingers on. And when you can see like he does, I think it’s only natural you’ve got to find a way to tell someone.

For him it started with a paintbrush and pieces of canvas before it became a guitar and a microphone. I suppose if someone took away those too he’d just find a different way to get the story out.

For the last two decades he’s been creating and performing songs–for TV shows and movies, and alongside names like Filous and Moby. He’s been writing and recording albums with people like Richard Swift.

But mainly he’s been painting pictures for the people in towns he spent his childhood passing through, the brothers and sisters and cousins who wait in line at theatres and bars, and who listen to his music in their kitchens.

Like previous albums, the horizon just laughed started with a dream. Though, that’s where things change, as they often do. It is his first self-produced album, more personal and more rooted than even his Maraqopa trilogy, as though after so much time on the road he’s stumbled upon his home.

But, like I told you, this is just a story; you’ll have to ask him if you want the truth.

Claire Carey Deering

Damien Jurado News

May 31, 2018

Damien Jurado Shares “Percy Faith” Video

Damien Jurado today shares the video for his song “Percy Faith,” off his acclaimed new album The Horizon Just Laughed. Directed by Lance Alton Troxel — who says of the clip: “Part variety show number, part conspiracy video, ‘Percy Faith’ riffs on Jurado’s incisive take on nostalgia, media, modernity, and our own meaning and place in all of it.”

May 04, 2018

Damien Jurado Releases ‘The Horizon Just Laughed’

Damien Jurado‘s new album 'The Horizon Just Laughed' arrived in stores today. The album — which will be available to stream via Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora on July 6th — has been earning great press.

Apr 11, 2018

Damien Jurado Shares New Track “Allocate”

Today, Damien Jurado debuts a new song, Allocate, off his forthcoming album The Horizon Just Laughed, due out May 4th, 2018.

Mar 06, 2018

Damien Jurado Announces ‘The Horizon Just Laughed’

Damien Jurado has announced a new album, The Horizon Just Laughed, due out May 4th.

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